You're Ready to Thrive In

Fun And Fulfilling Relationships

But you've experienced pain, mediocrity

and struggle love in your partnerships...

  • Could you use a guide to help you better navigate this Black Love journey whether you're single, married or somewhere in between?

  • Have relationship failures made you feel inadequate, but you're ready to experience your worth?

  • Are you ready to receive as much as you give in relationships?

  • Do you want to eliminate struggle love and experience relationships that are easy?

  • Do you want to stop repeating the same relationship mistakes over and over again?

  • Is your current relationship in need of improvement and excitement?

  • Do you desire a healthy, healing relationship with a partner who gets you?



Dope People Who is a

Relationship Performance Coaching Firm


We feel you! We've felt that "This Can't Be Life" feeling and we know how to help you through this part of your life's journey! 

  • Over the past 5 years, we've led an amazingly dope and fun love affair; with no major arguments, no cheating & no distrust
  • We have over 25+ years of combined experience in Performance Improvement & People Development 
  • We've coached hundreds of individuals and couples to have more fulfilling relationships
  • We've coached healthy uncoupling for couples whose relationship has come to an end



Here's What Our Dope Tribe Members Have to Say...

"Uncovering your dopeness can be a rough path when you lack guidance.  Eric & Lakila's coaching forced me to dedicate time and energy specially for me. 


As a working mother, I often found it easy to pour into everyone except for myself.  Their program made me focus on my needs and taught me how to operate in my authenticity, which naturally attracted my new fiance'!"

Monica B. - Formerly Single; Now Engaged & Dope AF

“I chose to participate in the Unleash Your Dopeness program because I felt like I was stuck, stagnant and getting in my own way of moving forward in life.  Lakila and Eric put together a series of questions and self-directed exercises that forced me to make some necessary changes.


I would recommend Unleash Your Dopeness to anyone who needs coaching towards making some changes in attitude, self care and overall wellness.  The program was relatable, easy to follow, but also demanded good time management.


The course reminded me that while it is ok to take care of others, it is also ok to put myself first.  I was reminded to align myself with like-minded individuals who are also moving progressively through life, so that I am inspired to do the same”

Vivia R. - Married & Dope AF

“I felt totally empowered and driven to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend Unleash Your Dopeness. It's definitely a course that will motivate [clients/students] to identify and cultivate the dopeness they already possess.


The couple was so inspiring. They encouraged me to be the dope person I am...giving me tools to make me even more dope, as well as successful.”

Jocelyn W.  - Married & Dope AF

"The Bowden's are a radiant couple, always laughing, always encouraging, always supportive. The type of positive energy they exude not only creates inspiration, it also provides hope for singles and examples for couples.


Their true genuine nature is what supplies motivation. Neither of them are afraid to be vulnerable. Coupled with their collection of goals for themselves and guidance they provide to others, they are naturally inspiring. "

Raymond P. - In a Relationship & Dope AF

Meet Your Dope Life Coaches


What's Up Dope People!  We are Eric & Lakila Bowden.  Our purpose is to empower 100k other healthy & fun AF Black love relationships.


And it’s with that purpose that we founded Dope People Who, a relationship performance coaching firm that specializes in helping black singles and couples achieve healthy, wealthy, and FUN AF experiences by bringing our clients’ own individual dopeness into the spotlight!


Our program "Unleash Your Dopeness" is geared towards you being the dopest version of yourself…so whatever stage of relationship you may find yourself in… single, dating, married (or "it's complicated"), this program is for you!


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